Since 2013 once Mumtalakat till current STC made a lot of achievements within its fleet and Marine.

From its establishment in year 2000, “Southern Tourism Company” has played a prominent role in contributing to the development of the tourism sector and the maritime transport sector in the Hawar Islands. And in year 2013 the ownership of the company has transferred From Eskan Bank to Bahrain Mumtalakat Holdings Company (Mumtalakat), the new appointed Board of Directors has approved a balanced strategic plan in early 2014, in which it achieved a remarkable success despite of all the challenges and difficulties.

After the continuous work  in year 2014 and the impressive results that has been achieved, we started to believe, that “Southern Tourism Company” in year 2015 would be the official carrier and the long-haul maritime bridge supported by our new tourist and marine ships and to provide an innovative services from the island of Bahrain to Hawar Islands, because we are committed to transport for the government sector and private sector such as Bahrain Defense Force “BDF”, and Electricity and Water Authority “EWA” for the Government Sector, and Hawar Beach Hotel for the private sector and all contractors of the two sectors. We are proud to extend these services for more than twenty years, specifically since the launch of our new board of directors vision in year 2014, in which it ensures the continuity of an excellence and the access to the professional level in the maritime transport sector which it would lead to a contribute, and to enrich the tourism sector through a high-quality marine services.

STC owns the Biggest Passenger Fleet in the Kingdom of Bahrain, company’s operational fleets and crew are fully qualified & certified from Bahrain Port Authority. STC is very keen on maintaining its jetty conditions regularly with all the necessary facilities. STC equipment’s (Cranes & Hiab Trucks) and area of loading/unloading are regularly monitored and maintained with marine expert engineers.


To ensure the continuity of delivering the quality and the professionalism performance for the passenger and logistics maritime transportation, in which it would enhance and contribute the tourism sector.


To meet the passenger and logistics maritime transportation needs of the Southern Governance of Kingdom of Bahrain in all aspects.

Core Values

1- The company needs to supervise and be updated with all international standards and applying the highest maritime safety standards and the welfare of life at sea.

2- The company strive to innovate and implement new methods of developing maritime transport.

3- The company appreciate all types of cooperation forms from everyone.

4- We strive to provide a safe, healthy and eco-friendly work environment.

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